It takes some time to get the lay of the land in a new city. Every time you step out the door you’re likely to encounter something new, or notice something interesting. Especially when it comes to restaurants. Over time, you start to find your staples. Those places that you frequent and just can’t live without. You find a favourite pizza joint, an awesome burger shack, a fun local pub, someplace to have a scrumptious brunch. And you’re always keeping your eyes open for more great places to try because the possibilities truly are endless.

Growing up in suburbia you very quickly become accustomed to chain restaurants. There are some unique independent restaurants, sure, but they’re hard to come by. It feels like you’re swimming in a sea of Boston Pizzas and Swiss Chalets. So you stop getting excited to go out for dinner because it’s always the same thing. The excitement to eat someplace different is strictly reserved for when a new franchise rolls into town.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the food at a chain restaurant, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a particularly discriminating person when it comes to where I eat. But I don’t want to lose the thrill of trying something new. Something with its own unique style and story that haven’t yet been glossed over and refined by marketing professionals. And in the city, there’s always something that fits the bill for a new foodie adventure.

This weekend, for example, D and I went out for Mexican. Oh, Mexican! Deep-fried, cheesy goodness washed down with an ice-cold cerveza. You just get me, like no other ever will.

We’ve had some difficulties with Mexican over the years though. On our second anniversary we went to the Mexicali Rosa’s that opened back home, and it was good.

R.I.P. Mexicali’s

But then it closed down shortly after…

Then immediately after we moved away from N-town, this wicked Mexican place opened that all of our friends raved about. So we totally missed the boat on that. There was absolutely nothing promising for good mexican food in the Rhill. Then, right after we moved to T, this supposedly amazing mexican place opened up right around the corner from our old apartment. Curses!

When I was in Abu Dhabi I had the greatest chimichangas of my life:

best chimis ever

And I couldn’t share the magic of these chimichangas with D, only pictures. I’ll probably never be rich enough to go back and have them again either. All I can do is close my eyes and remember the delicious crispy tortilla and oozing chicken and cheese filling. Dipping them in roasted garlic guacamole and savouring every bite. I ate so many of them on that trip, because they were that fucking good. I thought I was going to give birth to a baby chimichanga when I got home.

This weekend, we finally mustered up the courage to try a mexican restaurant in our neighbourhood. We found this place called Mariachi’s, just a fifteen minute walk south of our place.

this looks promising…

We braced ourselves, because we didn’t want to be disappointed. As soon as we crossed the threshold we were greeted by the friendliest hostess on earth, and our nostrils were assaulted by a myriad of wonderful smells. We’d come to the right place. The atmosphere was simply lovely. Dim lights, colourful paintings on the wall, and mexican music wrapped our booth in comfort.

As tempted as I was to order the chimichangas, I decided to get the taquitos instead:

a hell of a lot better than 7-11…

My first bit of taquito was by far the best part of my week. This picture simply does not do this meal justice. That pile of guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo, and sour cream on top of my taquitos does not look as gloriously gooey and warm as it really was.

D went for the enchiladas, another excellent choice:

om nom nom nom!

After dinner we had some knee-bucklingly good churros for dessert. In our haste to devour them, I forgot to take a picture! You’ll just have to trust me when I say that they were excellent. With full bellies and satiated palates, we paid the bill and then walked home. It was a truly divine dining experience, something that a chain restaurant just can’t give.

Oh fuck yeah! We’ve found a truly delicious mexican restaurant in T on our first try. We’re like, some kind of mexican restaurant finding superstars.

If you’re hungry and in the mood for something heavenly, I might just know the place for you…


3 thoughts on “Mexi-CAN!

  1. Where are you at? For some reason I thought you were in England?? Are you in Canada? I felt pretty sure they don’t have 7-11s in England…


    • Oh man, the illusion has now been shattered. It’s going to be a totally different experience reading these posts with my doofy Canadian accent in mind instead of the posh British one you were probably picturing, eh?


      • LOL – NAH but now I’ll imagine you ending every sentence with: “eh?” instead of “more crumpets, Mrs. Pennyfeather?”


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