Adult Eating

Rip down that shitty old 2012 calendar, callously toss it in the trash. Hang the shiny new 2013 calendar in its place. Expectations, hopes, and desires all bubbling to the surface as you do so. What will happen to me this year? Where will I go? What amazing things will I do?

Resolutions aren’t my bag, man. I prefer goals. I think that’s because goals don’t come with the finality that resolutions do. If you resolve to do something and you don’t do it, then you’ve failed. It’s as plain as that. If you set a goal for yourself, there’s just more wiggle room. You can reach that goal eventually, you can shape that goal and change it. If you try to change or modify a resolution it’s like you’re trying to hide from failure. A resolution seems like it’s too final. It’s an absolute. It’s an absolute asshole.

Goals just seem to place more emphasis on progress, as opposed to results. That’s what I’m interested in, progress. I want to see and feel the progression when I strive for something. If you’re just racing to the finish line all the time, you’ll never really learn anything. Resolutions demand a finish. Goals allow us to learn, and improve.

I have a couple of goals in mind for myself this year. One of them is to eat more adult meals. And by that I mean meals that have been cooked at home. From real ingredients. Not nuked for two and a half minutes until heated through.

And I’m going to use my infallible tracking system to see how well I do with this:

soda chart

This is the chart I made in July when I decided to give up drinking soda. I gave myself a little check on each day that I didn’t drink soda. And I did pretty good too. You can only see two slip-ups. One was on Sunday the 22nd and that was because we went to see The Dark Knight Rises and I won a free large drink playing movie trivia. So, clearly I had to cash that one in before it expired at the end of the month. Can’t waste free soda, that’d be ridiculous. More importantly, you can’t offend the Gods of Movie Trivia. If I didn’t enjoy every second of that drink, I might never win another trivia prize again. And I just can’t have that.

Then I slipped up again the next day, just one little can of coke, because it tasted so good the night before! But I finished the rest of the month without issue. Looking back at that calendar, I’m really proud of myself. I did a good job. And seeing it like that, visually, really motivated me to keep the goal going. Doing this showed me that I have it in me to work hard at achieving my goals. It inspired me.

This is what I’m going to do when D and I have adult meals for dinner. I’m going to mark them down on the calendar so I can watch us progress. We have the time, we have the ability, and we have the will to succeed. We don’t need to slack off and pick up a pizza on the way home from work because we’re “too tired” to cook. Or because we don’t want to deal with the dishes afterwards. We can do this. We’ll make adult meals for ourselves. D is already really good at it, he just needs me to be more supportive and less lazy.

But before we could move forward, we would need one last kiss goodbye from our beloved poor-eating ways. On New Years Eve, after the ball had dropped and we were sufficiently buzzed, we headed out. Down the street to the local Burger King we went. And we procured an epic feast, that consisted of only the most greasy morsels. The entire lot was under eleven bucks total.

burger king feast

We shared the fries and drink, so as to keep our gluttony in check. D had a King Supreme, and I dug into the best whopper I’ve ever had.


The fries were perfection. They’re never that great at BK, but naturally during our last big hurrah they were perfect. Deep-fried little pricks. Once we’d gotten that out of our systems, we were ready to move forward. We hit it and quit it like pros. Don’t call us again, BK. We’re not home, and we’re screening all calls until further notice. We just need some space, to figure this all out. We hope you understand.

The next morning we were happy. And ready to move on. We had something excellent in the works for dinner tonight. For the very first dinner on our new leaf, we did an amazing job. A prime rib roast, mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and yorkshire puddings. Oh hells yes, yorkshire puddings got invited to the partaaay!

It started with a delicious piece of beef. On sale!

prime rib roast

Which needed a nice marinade the night before, for optimal tastiness. In the magic ziplock bag of deliciousness is garlic, onions, fancy mustard, Worcestershire sauce, rosemary, and thyme. It was pretty simple.


Then the next day, this bitch went in the pan!

roast ready to cook

Once it was cooked to perfection, D popped it out of the oven and sliced it up. The roast was then put to plate with everything else.

roast beef dinner

I took a pass on doing the dishes tonight. They need to soak a bit anyways, right? But otherwise, I think we’re off to a great start on our goal for 2013. We’re eating like adults now, and don’t it feel good!

6 thoughts on “Adult Eating

  1. We’re trying this out too. It’s challenging. Your first try looks like a definite success.
    Also, I can’t believe you went that long without soda. You are stronger than I!!


    • I think the biggest challenge is cooking meals for two people. I don’t really like leftovers, so I struggle to cook meals with minimal leftovers. But it’s time I think. We should give this a solid go.

      And yeah, the no soda thing was really tough. I’ve since fallen off the wagon a bit, but I’m looking to start up again. A little slef-deprivation to start the new year off right!


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