New Notebook

No matter how drastically our every day lives are changed by new technological advancements, there is one thing that I will always take comfort in. Writing. On a piece of paper.

There’s something mystical and rhythmic about physically writing something down. Watching the words as they form on the page, taking shape, coming to life. Flowing forth from the tip of a divinely fine felt-tip pen. Ink blacker than the darkest, scariest place on earth, under the bed.

Sometimes I take my time. Forming each letter methodically, in the most perfect cursive I can muster. Afterwards, staring lovingly at the words on the page. Extraordinary, I think to myself, taking pride in my exquisite penmanship. An exemplary work of art!

Other times I dash out an illegible jumble of marks on the page, haphazardly. Of the two, this method is far more common. And I am consistently confounded by these paltry scratches, that I don’t dare deem writing, when I need to refer to them later. What is that? An h or an x? A phone number or a serial number? Dammit, if you’d just take your time once in a while we wouldn’t be in this mess!

Every morning at the office, after I’ve checked and prioritized all of my emails, I take the time to write down my daily To-Do List. I smooth out the page. I give the list a date and a title. Both masterfully underlined in ink so red that, if he ever saw it, Rudolph would even say it glows.

Every entry on the list is numbered. Orderly. Organized. Powerful. Once this list is writ, I am unstoppable.

Computers break. Paper is infallible. This is a universal truth by which I live. You can always trust in paper. If the whole electronic system on which our company faithfully relies were to spontaneously forfeit its will to live, then at least I’d still have a grip on things. An ironclad, kung-fu grip on the reality of it all. Because I have my list. The list that I wrote out so meticulously.

The only thing I love more than writing my daily list, is writing my daily list in a brand new notebook. Oh the sheer ecstasy!

I spoiled myself absolutely rotten when I bought the new notebook. It’s delightfully thick. Cream coloured. With an intricate pattern of leaves imprinted onto the exterior covers. It’s got a bookmark, a ribbon, sewn into the spine. To drape purposefully across the current page.

And what a steal too, 75% off! From the ashes of the bargain bin at Indigo, a majestic phoenix arose. Those are some savings that a frugal gal of my ilk can really appreciate.

On Tuesday I filled in the last page of the old, terrible, used up notebook. Wednesday morning, I was ecstatic. I was going to take my new notebook on its maiden voyage. Giddy. Giddy giddy giddy!

I opened the cover. Inhaling slowly, savouring the smell of the fresh, unmarred pages. Oh yes, she will be mine. That was a weird thing say… possessive and weird. But it was an organic thought, occurring naturally. So it stays.

I took my time, writing. Filling up the lines with my graceful, sweeping cursive. Feeling powerful. Confident. Ready to take on the world. One list item at a time.


8 thoughts on “New Notebook

  1. I can’t wait for the perfect opportunity to mar one random page with a tiny doodle that’s pretty and cute, yet you deem unworthy for your pristine pages. Just kidding. I’ll do my best to stop myself from being drawn to desecrating your new notebook.


    • Don’t you dare!

      Omg, I feel so itchy and uncomfortable right now just thinking about the harm you could do with your “cute” doodles. This is not a notebook of doodles. It is of daily undertakings! Mammoth tasks of the utmost importance. Doodles need not apply.

      If you feel compelled to doodle, I’ll get you a bucket of sidewalk chalk. LOL


    • The first page is such a treat!
      The last page, an abomination. I have such disdain for the last pages of all my notebooks. I probably shouldn’t be so hard on it, it’s just doing it’s job.
      Thanks for stopping by Erica 🙂


  2. Nice blog post! I enjoyed it. It is nice to be able to write rather than simply type things out, though I spend much less time with a notebook unless it’s a notebook computer that is. Am I strange?


    • Thanks for stopping by Magnus, and for following!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post. You’re not strange at all! These days it is getting increasingly difficult to get some face time with pen and paper, everything is so digital. And I’m a girl who does enjoy the simple things in life, so my notebook brought much happiness. Hopefully that computer notebook of yours brings you a little sliver of happiness when you boot it up! 🙂


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