My Desert Island Films

Tyson over at Head in a Vice featured my picks on his Desert Island Films segment. I really enjoyed taking part in it, and this has been an incredible experience. I want to thank Tyson for his continual efforts to really connect other bloggers with one another and for creating a comfortable place where we can all share our thoughts and ideas about the movies we love.
Head in a Vice is an awesome blog, Tyson is a really awesome dude, and if you’re looking for a rewarding blogging experience you should consider participating in this segment.

Head In A Vice

desert island

Smash from Smashing Through Life! has kindly submitted her Desert Island Films. Read on for her choices and reasons, and be sure to check out her site.

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4 thoughts on “My Desert Island Films

  1. 37????!?!?!!!!

    Funny that…Chasing Amy is my favourite Kevin Smith movie too! I also love Uncle Buck and The Big Lebowski!

    What nice little treat to be featured on another blog. It’s a great idea, and I wouldn’t even know where to start with movies. I would probably have to put Garden State in there simply because of the soundtrack. That’s a real consideration–the soundtrack!!! And in that case, Harold and Maude would be in there too…High Fidelity, Trainspotting. I could do this all night. But instead, I’ll pour myself another beer, finish the tequila and probably go have a smoke.


    • That’s the fun of it, you only get to pick eight. And they’re the only movies you’ll be able to watch for the rest of your time on the island. Just because you’re a blogspotter doesn’t mean you can’t participate! Something to consider if you want to feel awesome and like you’re part of a community.


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