New Project!

Hey dudes, I’m very excited to announce that I have started a new project. This is something that I’ve been working on for a little while now, and I’m ready to launch.

The Kingdom

So head on over to The Kingdom to check it out.

Basically, I’m just working my way through the entire Stephen King library, reading and reviewing it all. And hey, maybe we’ll even watch a couple of the movies and T.V. shows too. My hope is that this project will accomplish two things:

1) I’ll have a shitload of fun


2) I’ll actually start using my brain cells again instead of drowning them in booze

So if you decide to come along for the journey, you’re super awesome and I dig your style, man.

21 thoughts on “New Project!

    • Thanks Tyson!
      Maybe you’d care to weigh in one day and offer up a guest review on one of the many cheese-tastic movies based on a King story. It would certainly lend some excitement to the site! 🙂


      • Hey, it would be rude of me to ever turn an offer from you down, since you always join my projects 🙂

        Let me know, I’m terrible at deadlines and always late with stuff but I’d be honoured to work with you on something one day.


      • Uh oh Kim! Your secret is getting some heat, lol.
        I think that current day King tends to be more action/thrilling than it is scary. If you’re interested in a really good read you should check out 11/22/63. It’s time travel, history, and adventure mostly. I think you’d dig it.


      • I’ll second that – 11/22/63 is pretty good. 🙂 A little overlong but not full-on “horror” at least… It’s good to have read It first, though, but that is definitely horror!


      • I’m scared to read It, I’ll admit it. It is sitting on my self and I get creeped out just from looking at it. In your opinion, is it really scary? Is it so scary that I will have nightmares?


      • Hmm… Hard to say because I honestly haven’t been creeped out by any King books. Maybe I’m weird. 😉 Scratch that – one short story creeped me out (The Sun Dog). Not sure why – I think because it was the middle of the night when I read it and I read most of his books in daylight. From what I remember of It – yes, it’s one of the scarier ones. Maybe read it in the middle of the day? 😉 It’s a good one – it’s a favorite for many but there’s one bit I’m uncomfortable with…


      • Damn, I love reading at night before bed. But it sounds like you’re a lot braver than I, so relegating It to the daylight might be in my best interest. I haven’t read The Sun Dog yet, but now I’m going to be on my toes when I get to it, lol!


    • Awesome! Thank you for checking out the site and following 🙂
      I’ve been having a really great time with this project so far, and I may open up the forum for guest posts sometime in the future, so it’s good to know who the King fans are.


      • I’m looking forward to reading your reviews. 🙂 Looks like you have plenty already! I’ll be checking them out this weekend when I do my usual catching up on reading everyone’s blog.


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