A Day In The Life of a Shitfest Champion

Check it out dudes, a little piece I wrote from my buddy over at The IPC. Just my thoughts on how winning Shitfest has been for me so far. Thanks again to Isaacs for letting me enter the contest, and for shipping me a new BFF!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Hey dudes, Smash here reporting for The IPC. Sup?

A couple of weeks ago something exciting happened. I woke up, rubbed the sleep out of my tired eyes, and checked my emails. Much to my delight, I’d gotten something from Isaacs. He told me that I won Shitfest Fall. My jaw actually dropped and I stared at the screen in total shock for a few minutes before it fully registered. I won. I fucking won.


I was just in it for a good time and to discover some cool new bloggers. I thought maybe I could provide a chuckle or two then go my merry way. But you dug it. You dug it enough to cast your votes my way, crowning me your Shitfest Champion. Thank you. From the warm and gooey center of my being, I’d like to thank you. Thank you to the people who voted for…

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