The First Annual Screenkicker Blog Awards

I am truly honoured to take home this most coveted prize. It takes a lot of swears to be number 1. Remember that, kids.


I hate January. There, I said it. I don’t care what you pro-January freaks think and I don’t want you picketing Screenkicker’s offices and harassing my staff. Let me explain why I’m displaying this righteous fury. Well the main problem is I feel Ill. I know its not the flu as I had my flu jab but whatever it is I feel rotten. My nose is running more than Usain Bolt if he was a nose, everytime I breathe it feels like Ive been deepthroating TreeBeard from Lord of the Rings, and finally I’m shaking like a shitting dog. My point is I feel like crap. Now I’ll give you a few moments to get those repulsive images out of your mind and we’ll proceed.

It’s a new year so its time for the first ever Screenkicker Blog Awards. This prestigious imaginary award is given to the cream of bloggers…

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