Uncle Tom Was Right

D and I weren’t originally planning on taking a honeymoon. We were going to get married and then have a stay-cation in Toronto, doing all kinds of fun Toronto-y things we take for granted in our daily lives. But we were partying with my Uncle Tom a few months back at the stag ‘n’ doe and he was appalled at the idea of us not taking a honeymoon. He was so insistent that we had to do it. He told us we had to do it now before anything else got in our way. He said that it’s the only time in our lives as a couple that we’ll ever feel so relaxed. And he was totally right. I’m so glad he convinced us to do this.

We spent the afternoon yesterday frolicking in the ways. Jesus, I forgot how salty the water was! It totally rocks your palate and makes your eyes burn when you’re not used to it. Shockingly, the beaches here in Cancun are much more enjoyable than they were in Hawaii. There were a lot more rocks and roughness in Waikiki. And they didn’t have comfy chaise loungers to dry off on either. We like the beaches of Cancun much better than we liked those of Waikiki.


wave jumping

splashing fun

Afterwards, we dried off in the sunshine and pounded a bunch of drinks by the pool. D was especially impressed with watching a number of pelicans swooping overhead and diving into the sea. D is still trying to find his favourite drink. We asked one of the servers for Rye ‘n’ Ginger, our favourite drink, and we got a look of total confusion. Apparently they don’t have rye around these parts, just lots and lots of bourbon. So we’ve resorted to drinking Mai Tais, Tequila Sunrises, and Mojitos. We’ll pound the occasional beer too, but it just doesn’t feel as special as ordering actual cocktails.

dos mojitos

catching some sun

watching birds

We had a delicious dinner last night at La Piazza, the Italian restaurant at our resort. D got stuffed ravioli in spinach sauce and I had a chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto. It was crazy good. We had drinks, we ate, we talked, and overall had ourselves a wonderful time.




The food here has been pretty great for the most part. There are 5 a la carte restaurants, a huge international buffet, a couple different snack bars, and a yummy little Japanese place for lunch. Some of the stuff we’ve eaten has been a little bit out there, like fried plantains, but it’s fun to experiment. And then when you’re just feeling like you want something comfy and familiar, you head down to the snack bar and ask the server for “a couple of chicken wings, please” and this is what you get:


So now we know that “a couple of wings” means two pounds of ’em.

We then decided to head to the pub to shoot some pool and chug back some more drinks. It was fun! D and I went to play pool on our very first date together, so it felt a little bit nostalgic as well. The tables aren’t in the greatest shape and the cues are all warped, but we made it work. D kicked my ass, he always does. If you’re looking for a good game, call D sometime, he’ll keep you on your toes.

shooting sticks

It’s been a blast. So thank you, Uncle Tom for being so insistent that we do this. I honestly don’t know why we didn’t want to. I guess we just had our heads in our asses for a minute there. But we’re thinking straight again now.



16 thoughts on “Uncle Tom Was Right

      • LOL!!! What I mean is – I’ve been down there and you really can’t HELP but to get tanned unless you bathe in sunblock…

        Have you parasailed yet????


      • No, we haven’t but it looks really awesome. D is gunna take some time tomorrow to choose our next adventure. He’s debating between parasailing, jet-skis, or snorkelling. If you can sway the vote, let me know!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well – from my point of view – I went down there in 1994 and went parasailing and I FUCKING LOVED IT!! I absolutely did but I was also twenty years younger.

        Snorkeling is also fun but less exciting (to me). I haven’t done jet-skis because I am terribly uncoordinated and I would probably kill myself.

        P.S. After the big parasailing thing – my girlfriend back then and I went to this one place where you could swim with sharks. That was really cool and if you remind me sometime I’ll go try and find that picture of me holding a shark. I was still young and good looking!

        One thing – although I don’t know what it’s like in Canada. Where I live, if you go to a Mexican restaurant, you have to pay like, 5 bucks for a bowl of guacamole and get salsa for free. When I went down there it was basically guacamole fest for free and they were stingy with the salsa. Is it still the same?


      • Yes, please find that picture! I would love to see it. Swimming with sharks is one of those things that I would love to do, but it also makes me feel super nervous. My best friend went night scuba diving with sharks in Thailand and she said it was super scary. But I think ultimately, an amazing life experience to have.

        And yeah… people make us pay for guacamole in Canada but salsa is always free! What the hell? I guess maybe it’s because avocados aren’t always in season or some shit? But yeah, you can have all the guac you want down here and it fucking rocks!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m off on Monday and Tuesday so try and remind me and I’ll go find it in my picture book : ) Now – let’s be on the same page here – I swam in a “pen” with nurse sharks – those harmless kind – I wasn’t out swimming around with a dagger in my teeth wearing only a loin cloth. It was pretty tame – just kind of neat…

        I KNOW!!! We should all move to Mexico and eat guac all day and night!! Just think how skinny we’d be after one week!


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