Well, Hard Ticket to Home Video did it, they turned out a meme with Harv’s bubble obsessed face. And even came up with a name for it too!

Making his world debut, I present to you, the one and only ‘Namcat.


If you’ve got a great idea for a meme with this same picture of Harv I’d love to see it. So please, knock yourselves out.

And thanks again, Hard Ticket to Home Video for making my wildest dream come true.

9 thoughts on “‘Namcat

  1. Brian may be the silliest guy on the internet! lol. He needs a Youtube channel. I just stumbled across this when I came to your site to ask about the Jays. You need a twitter so you can promote your blog entries! I rarely look on blog sites anymore, but I read the entries when people post on their twitter feed. That cat’s face is hilarious! Brian nailed it like he always does with his gorilla parodies.

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