Swoon Worthy Sunset

I’ve mentioned before what an incredible view I have from my apartment. It’s especially enjoyable in the summer. Hot, sweaty, and exhausted after a long summer day, I look forward to the calming quiet of the balcony at sundown. The cool cement floor feels divine on the bottoms of my bare feet. The city sights and sounds emanating from below are reassuring. I can do anything I want out there, on the balcony. But mostly I do nothing. I just drink in the view and enjoy a few moments of solitude. I recharge while reflecting on my day.

I’ve seen some remarkable sunsets from the comfort of my balcony, but nothing that could ever rival the majesty of a Hawaiian sunset.

That is, until recently.

These photos offer a glimpse of the most swoon worthy Toronto sunset I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

sunset 1

sunset 2

sunset 3

sunset 4

sunset 5

sunset 6

Sometimes it just feels good to be quiet.

9 thoughts on “Swoon Worthy Sunset

    • I should probably stop reading your comments at work because I’m not that good at concealing my laughter, lol. Can’t even conceal it in type!

      I’m not gunna lie though, I did hold out a hope that the sun might explode or a piece might break off and fly right into my face, finally bestowing me with the mutant abilities I so desperately desire. Some sort of super strength/elasticity combo would be best. There’s a server at my office that I’m holding out an explosion hope for too. You never know when that “Transformed into a Mutant” dream will come true!


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