Setting The Date

In the very first moments when your brain begins processing the fact that you are going to have to start planning a wedding, there’s this powerful wave of denial that crashes into the forefront of your mind. You just got engaged, so the wedding is miles away. You’re just going to soak up all the excitement of the engagement for now, enjoying a nice open-ended engagement that could last forever and a day if you wanted it to. The wedding isn’t going to happen overnight, so you’re not going to worry about it right away.

That works, for a little while. An impossibly short little while. The people in your life are thrilled for you, really, they couldn’t be happier. But they’ve also got questions. So many questions. When is it? Will it be a destination wedding? In a church? How many people? Will it be open bar? And accompanying those questions is an assortment of suggestions. You should have wine on the tables. You better get a good photographer. Start getting in shape now. According to wedding etiquette you have to do this, and this, and this, and this. Asking for cash is tacky. Photo-booths are so last year.

And on and on it goes.

At first, you dance around all of that blabbering with ease. Your standard response to all of the noise around you has become a noncommittal shrug as you bust an awe-inspiring Running Man on the packed dance floor in your mind. It feels good, for a while, keeping everyone else at an arm’s length while you plumb the depths of your heart, trying to figure out what it is you really want. But that stops working eventually. People keep bringing it up when they see you, because surely by now you’ve started to put something tangible together, no? At some point, it stops feeling like conversation and starts feeling like pressure. That once awesome dance floor in your mind is suddenly too crowded, too noisy. They’re playing shit music. And an obnoxious cluster of sweaty, creepy dudes keep trying to get their pelvises all up in your business where you don’t want them. You’re looking for your friends, a lifeline, anything, but there isn’t a one to be found. Evacuate that dance floor, man. The unknown officially stopped being easy and started getting scary.

You realize that you have to start planning this damn thing. Right now. You can’t take another second of your own ifs and buts, only your own decisiveness can save you now.

Ideas start to materialize. Options present themselves. And when you take that first tentative step forward, articulating one of your ideas to someone else, searching for validation that your ideas are in fact good and wonderful, then the planning has begun. But beware! Some ears are not as receptive as they appear. Sometimes you’ll share something dear to you with the wrong person and instead of shelling out the support you so desire, you’ll find cruel derision laying in wait for you. Such a thing happened to me, and I’ve since learned not to share with certain individuals. Only that which is positive is allowed in the secret wedding planning place within my heart. Thoughtful suggestions born of helpfulness are always welcome, but the petulant threats of non-attendance and scornful snorts of judgement need not apply.

It took a long time for it to sink in, this realization that I’m going to have a wedding. The idea of D has been comfortable for years now, it’s old hat. He’s my man, and that’s just how it is. But the idea of planning some momentous occasion to make official whatever this thing we have together is, was a whole other beast. Some may relish the task, but I didn’t. I never dreamed about a wedding day in any specific terms. A waterproof robot buddy that you could have excellent water park adventures with, sure. But never a wedding.

D and I started talking about what we might want to do. Where we would have it, who we would invite. We waffled about a couple of places. I got a few quotes and D had a big crazy excel file crammed with venue comparisons that I’m sure gave him a few tingles of excitement in his wiener. Because he’s a weirdo like that, and he loves to look before he leaps. But none of it seemed to be going anywhere, and I was content to idle. Then I woke up one day with a feeling in my gut that we had to set a date and book something right goddamned now. We had to do it now, or I was going to idle forever.

So we did. We found a place that fits the budget, and it’s going to be awesome. We saw it last weekend and booked it on the spot; we set the date. We’re getting married, it’s really happening you guys. I’m out of denial and well into acceptance now.

Smash n D

January 31st, 2015. It’s a date, a good date even. Our date.

39 thoughts on “Setting The Date

  1. I am so very very glad, because I’ll tell you, I think settling on the venue and date was going to be the hardest part. Now I can relax for the next year. HAHAHAHAHAH I really was stressing over YOU finding the perfect place for YOUR wedding. Why? I’m not entirely sure. I guess cuz I want it to be perfect for you! 😉


    • Lol, you’re crazy!
      Don’t lay awake at night tossing and turning on my account, little Scooter needs his beauty sleep.

      But I am glad that this is booked. And I’m also mostly happy that by this time next year, you’ll be ready for a major bender with all my hillbilly family.


  2. That photo of you two is absolutely stunning! LOVE it! You both look so happy and what not. Congratulations on getting it all together finally, I am sure it is going to be fantastic!


  3. Mazel tov!

    I’m a big believer in the institution of marriage, but weddings just seem scary-complicated. Glad you’re getting yours pinned down, and not letting it intimidate you. Kick the shit out of wedding planning, my friend! 🙂


    • Thank you so much Dee. The planning part does get a little nuts at times, but I am going to keep bringing my brand of awesome to it and hope for the best end result possible!


  4. Congrats to both of you! Don’t let the planning stress you out too much, remember the whole occasion is supposed to be fun!


      • Sounds like a plan! Weddings have become such a huge commercial enterprise that sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of that simple truth.


    • Nope, just a boring old Hawaiian engagement, lol.
      You’re a married man, any thoughts/advice or hilarious anecdotes on how the planning process all came together for your special day?


      • We took it pretty easy. We’re not religious people so my mom got a judge from where she works to do the ceremony. We held the ceremony in her parent’s big back yard with just friends and family and then had a big reception at the country club in her parents neighborhood.

        Being the dude – I was in charge of the booze and carting my groomsmen around wedding day : )

        Then we went off to California for our honeymoon – it was wonderful!

        Don’t let it stress you out – you’ve got plenty of time : )


      • That sounds so nice, a big backyard wedding! And yeah, being the dude you get off pretty easy in terms of wedding responsibilities… just don’t puke on your tux and you’re good.


  5. That’s so exciting, congrats! I can totally relate to this post. My bf and I have been together almost 8 years and just got engaged on Christmas. I feel like there’s no rush, but am already starting to feel the pressure to plan it, and the guest list. I’m gonna sit on it as long as I can, and save up money in the meantime.


    • Thank you Alicia! I’m so glad there are people out there who can relate. When my sister got engaged she planned her whole thing in 8 months tops, and I just don’t even know how. It makes me dizzy sometimes thinking about it. Best of luck to you in all of your wedding planning endeavours as well, I’m sure it’ll be stunning 🙂


    • lol, I told Lindsey when she got engaged that I had my eyes on 2015. We’re doubling up on the fun that year! But with mine in January and hers in August you’ll get the best of both worlds: a wintertime trip and a summertime one 🙂


  6. IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! And for me, no matter what you come up with in these crazy plans of your I know one thing for sure.
    It is going to be ledendary!
    In other thoughts- being engaged sounds awful!! I would loathe being bombarded with questions and shit, so I won’t ask any- but if you ever want an opinion on something, I might be on the other side of the world, but the interwebs is instant! Hit me up, dude!


  7. Aw! So exciting, congrats! My friend and I were talking about this last night, all the way up until we fell asleep because I was (seriously?) talking about how I didn’t know what sort of venue I would want and that I wish I could elope but I want to wear a dress and blah blah blah.
    I’m not even engaged.
    I’m become “that girl.”


    • Thanks Aussa!
      It’s so easy to get caught up picturing all the things you would do, though, so it’s totally understandable. One of my best friends recently introduced me to Pinterest and I’m seriously hooked on all the wedding ideas it has to offer.


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